YouTube Advertising

YouTube - A Visual Search Engine

YouTube is where the world goes to watch.  From funny animals to cooking there is a video for everyone on YouTube.  With almost 5 billion videos viewed on YouTube everyday the opportunity for your Brand to interact with customers and potential customers is always available.

YouTube Advertising - Getting started

YouTube advertising will promote your brand to potential customers while they are on YouTube watching or searching for Video content.  When produced correctly videos allow Brands to tell the story with magical precision. YouTube is a dedicated video platform so you can be sure users are there to view videos and they are really watching.  YouTube provides a range of targeting options that help ensure your ads are seen by consumers who matter most to you when it matters most to them. Promoting your brand in the right place to the right audience.

Video Creation and Goals

Setting YouTube Advertising Goals

At Turn The Page we encourage all of our clients to have clear goals and objectives for their marketing campaigns. In the YouTube silo our experience is that the following goals are attainable.

  • Call To Action – reaching consumers when they are considering a decision.
  • Increase Brand Influence – position your Brand to influence the right people at the right time.
  • Enhance your Brand Awareness – grabbing the attention of new customers and developing your Brand to “Top of Mind”

The Best in Video Creation

Our video production merges high quality content and lively creative thinking.  You can trust our Agency to present a video to compliment and integrate fully with your advertising strategy.

YouTube Targeting

YouTube targeting is not as robust as what is available on Facebook. It does allow targeting people with specific interests, intents, and demographics based on estimates from Google. Our professional teams can narrow your advertising audience into groups. These groups can be created with all the usual traits like age, gender, parental status and more. YouTube targeting is sufficiently sophisticated that our team meets to discover the right groups to ensure we are targeting consumers with an affinity for your Brand and its products or services.

Let’s make your Brand awesome together.

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