Facebook Advertising

Solving your Challenges

Facebook advertising and targeting is increasingly accurate allowing Brand messaging to specific customers and channels.  Your challenges and goals are a unique opportunity for our skilled teams to stretch their creative and strategic ingenuity.

Enhanced Targeting

Facebook advertising and targeting is increasingly accurate allowing Brand messaging to specific customers and channels. Facebook provides many opportunities to connect with their ideal customer. This advertising allows Brands to expand your reach and grow your audience to exceed your Brand objective. Our Social Media team will provide the creative and strategy that puts your Brand “Front of Mind”.
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Building Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Successful Facebook advertising campaigns start with a defined strategy. Our advertising team use a consultative approach with your Brand to understand the goals of any Facebook advertising campaign. Blending innovative strategy, talented creations, and intrinsic data about your customer is a Turn The Page recipe we have perfected for Facebook advertising success. Our creative designers are strategic thinkers and talented design nonconformists who understand how to connect your Brand with customers. Facebook strictly controls Ad design and content for their platform. Our creative team understands how to magnify Ad Performance and enhance your Brand awareness.

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Demographic Targeting on Facebook

Facebook provides its own impressive array of targeting options for advertising. Correctly optimizing your ad campaigns to the right segments will improve reach and results. The core audience selectors via Facebook allow our team to focus your ads using the following criteria. Ads targeted to specific regions, cities or even communities. Ads targeted to potential customers based on purchase behaviors, device types and other activities. Ads targeted to specific age ranges, education, job types, relationship status and more. Ads targeted to users interests and hobbies — from music genre to bbq.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences

Custom audiences are developed from existing consumer data. This data can collected from many sources. Our experience is that the following sources for custom audiences will be successful. Customer email Audiences, Customer Phone numbers Audiences, Website visitors Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Engagement Audiences and App Activity Audiences. The perfect blend of creative, demographic targeting and custom audiences will succinctly promote your Brand directly to your specific consumers on a personal level. This data driven Brand promotion is a transformational digital advertising solution for any Brands looking to increase awareness and loyalty.

Begin your Facebook Advertising Success

Whether you are looking for leads or Brand exposure our team will provide the right promotional strategy and cogent message to acquire and maintain your customers.

Your customers can be discovered on Facebook like never before.

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