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TTP National applies local SEO techniques to benefit Local Business and Enterprise SEO programs.

Local SEO has continued to grow as an important channel in any digital campaign aimed at improving rank and prominence online.  Our expert team of local strategist are dedicated to the disciplines that are required to promote a local business over their competitors.

Google is helping digital users understand the real world by describing real-world entities like people, places, and any number of things. Google patent “related entities” provides serious evidence of Googles growing reliance on entities in local search.  Local SEO for a local business is the first step in promoting your entity.  Local SEO primarily establishes your physical location on Google My Business and optimizes your website locally.  With ongoing efforts this can develop into a Brand Knowledge Panel aiding local business prominence.

Local SEO by Turn The Page

Optimizing Brand Entity

The TTP National Local SEO team implements proven strategies that strengthen Google’s trust in your Brands entity. Our proprietary techniques have been developed over many years to provide the opportunity for excellent growth and ROI. Local SEO is not simply a Local Business necessity it is also a national Brand builder when applied correctly.

Google My Business - Turn The Page

Local SEO starts with Google My Business

The benefits of Google My Business setup and verification are crucial for the growth of an entity online. Google My Business helps customers and prospective customers find your Brand online, confirming your prominence and physical location. Mobile search volume has increased to an over 70% share of Google search volume, Mobile searchers are looking for directions to a business or phone numbers to call. Optimizing your Brands local presence is essential to improve your Entity prominence online.

Begin your Local SEO

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The Right Local SEO Strategy

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