Google Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising because you only pay when a Searcher Clicks on your Ad.

Turn The Page PPC Managers are Skilled Professionals focused on Delivering Maximum Conversions (sales or leads) with the Highest Return on Investment (ROI) possible. This Success is without regard to the particular Platform.  Our Campaign Strategies are designed to provide Maximum ROI for Minimum Spend.

Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid search platform allowing you to promote your Brand in an auction system by bidding on Keyword search terms.  All search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo have paid search platforms that function in a similar fashion.  Google is by far the leading search engine and Google Ads is how Google generates revenue from the free search engine it provides to billions of users. It can produce impressive Return On Investment when correctly managed and targeted by Turn The Page Professionals.

Google Ads - ROI

Is Google Ads Right for your Brand?

PPC advertising will always provide a good return and that return is generally greater when combined with a skilled SEO program. In deciding whether paid search is the right solution there are a number of considerations. What is the search volume for Keywords you want to convert? What is your PPC budget? What is the level of competition? Given your overall marketing budget, is PPC a solution that provides more ROI than other options? How well is the account managed?
These are a few of the basic questions you will have answered by the Turn The Page team before considering whether your Brand will succeed with Google Ads.

Turn The Page Google Premier Partner

Google Ads ROI

Turn The Page PPC Managers are skilled professionals trusted by Google with Premier Partner status. Completely focussed on delivering maximum conversions (sales or leads) with the highest return on investment (ROI) possible. This success is without regard to the particular platform. Our campaign strategies are designed to provide maximum ROI for minimum spend. We treat your money like it's our own and work diligently on a daily basis to ensure that your account is efficiently producing results. We view your account as an ongoing partnership. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to build and manage only the Best Pay-Per Click Advertising campaigns to maximize ROI. We meticulously manage your paid search campaigns. You can count on: Comprehensive and ongoing Keyword Research, Comprehensive Negative Keyword Lists, Developing Campaigns to Maximum Quality Score, Researched and Optimized Ad Copy for A/B Testing, ROI producing Landing Page Selection, 24/7 Conversion Tracking, Adding Negatives from non converting Search Queries, Analyze Conversions for regular Bid Adjustments, Advanced Reporting Available, Test, Optimize and Test Again, Monitor, Analyze, Optimize.

No Hidden Fees

Turn The Page is a full disclosure Agency.  Your PPC Management fees are fully disclosed and your true paid search budget is all spent on Google, Bing or Yahoo on your behalf.  Our experts will provide a review of your existing PPC account without cost.

Begin Google Ads

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