Social Messaging for any Brand

understand the nuances of social messaging

Our Social Media staff inherently grasp the intricacies of enhancing a Brand and we are dedicated to earning your trust through the success of our work.

Brands Can’t Avoid Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes a Brand can make is bury their “Social Messaging Head” in the sand.  Every Brand or just a local business has an online presence and all the Social Networks want to ensure it is represented on their platform.  If you don’t control your Brand, others will control it. All it takes is one customer reviewing your business on a platform like Facebook where you don’t exist on and Facebook will create a listing for your business to allow the customer (and every customer after that) to post what they like.

Your Brand in Control

Our creative team will work in unison with your marketing to ensure your Brand is prominently featured on Social Media Platforms online.  You will be in control of your message with the ability to respond to your customer on the terms they want to interact with your company. Engaging with a customer base on social media allows your Brand to enhance your reputation moderating social conversations.  The data that can be collected and analyzed provides genuine real time intelligence on the needs and wants of your client base.
Social Media Group

Social Media Engagement

Engagement isn’t just a word to throw around.  Its a proven strategy to increase your Brand prominence and equity across heavily utilized social platforms.  Our engagement teams are skilled at putting your Brand front of mind.

Facebook is still the primary social network and their problems with how they have chosen to utilize data may have upset the political class but consumers continue to use the platform unabated.  Facebook advertising from our team will integrate with your Brand promotion seamlessly.  Facebook advertising has improved dramatically in the past year with updates and improvement continuing nearly every week and that’s great news for business.  66% of Facebook’s 2.32 billion users are active daily on Facebook.

YouTube is where the world goes to watch.  From funny animals to cooking there is a video for everyone on YouTube.  With almost 5 billion videos viewed on YouTube everyday the opportunity for your Brand to interact with customers and potential customers is always available. In this digital age online users are watching videos across a wide variety of digital devices, fragmented across computers, smart phones and tablets. Our Turn The Page team will promote your Brand and videos across a range of platforms and devices.